About Me

My name is Wendy Krajnik. I am married to the love of my life, a mother of twin 9 year old boys, step mother to a beautiful 15 year old girl and an interior decorator. I am also the owner and artist of K. Clyde Designs.  

Life can be chaotic at times so I seek refuge in art. I love to create beautiful and interesting abstract paintings. Painting allows me to totally clear my head of worry and loose myself in beautiful colors. 

I have met my creative soul mate by combining painting with jewelry.  I absolutely love jewelry!  Each piece has a small, original, one of a kind, alcohol ink painting in the bezel or pendant.  I create a painting and then clip out my favorite parts of the piece.  I place the clipped out shape in the bezel or pendant, and then the painting is sealed with resin.

My abstract art and jewelry collection is named after my maternal Grandmother - Kate Clyde Harrison.  She was an amazing woman who raised an even more amazing woman - my mother, Carol Kay Rice.   My creativity comes from these two women.   And in honor of them, I name each piece after a very important woman in my life.  

I hope you love my jewelry and art as much as I love to create it.  Thank you so much for your support.  I appreciate it immensely.  



K.Clyde Designs